Remember The Poor: The Dormitory

Remember the Poor – The Dormitory

*This is where the funds will go and what they will support

After much prayer and research, our Dormitory opened in July 2011. This fall we will have about fourteen poor University students living in the dormitory, along with eleven younger, at-risk children because of poverty and difficult family situations. Some of the children were locked inside their homes alone or walking the streets at a very young age because their parents needed to work. Another was left in a village with a grandmother who could not walk. Another was forced to sell food in the middle of the night by her step-mother. Although we intended to take only college students, we have since been overwhelmed with the needs of so many children.

The university students have daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning and studying.  Saturday evenings a team teaches a small group of factory workers from a small business we started to help sustain the ministry.  Other young women attend from the surrounding factories in that same area.  Sundays, the students help to run the church that was started in the dormitory. Every Monday thru Friday morning the students teach unschooled children how to read and write and in the evenings they teach English.

The dormitory provides a place for the university students to sleep and provides them with three meals a day.  The students have been coached in how to problem solve and how to deal with conflict and forgiveness biblically.

There are more requests for students to enter the dorm with a waiting list for next year.  There are thousands of women coming into the city for work who are vulnerable and at risk of being lured into the sex-trade or sexually abused. Our dormitory is a perfect sanctuary for young women and children.

Because of the number of lives and ministries that the dorm has touched over the past 6 years, growing the Dorm ministry plays an important role in our vision to continue to impact women and children.  All of our children are provided with three meals a day, vitamins, milk, medical/dental care. They are all enrolled in private Christian schools. They receive new uniforms every year along with a new school bag, school supplies/books and shoes.

If you are able to help us, we would like the funds to go to our dormitory for children at risk and young women from poor families and rural villages who need opportunities to receive a good education. The chance for these young woman to receive an education, in turn, protects them from having to make poor choices in order to help their families.


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