The Who, the What and the Why       

The Stolen Crown Foundation began with a profound message of self-identity spoken by Mariana Parkhotyuk at a girls conference almost a decade ago. Surrounding the realization that society has presented a “beautiful lie” of who we should be, convincing people to willingly and blindly give up their true identity, self-worth, and happiness. People have lost who they are; and lost any sense of purpose. They have believed the lie that they are worth nothing or lack everything due to the standard society has set. We’re angry with the fact that they have unknowingly given up their crown (identity) by accepting this lie. We are driven by the urgent need to separate the lies from the truth, so that people can reclaim their identity.

Everyone one deserves to be loved, humanity deserves us to shine light where there is darkness. Everyone matters. We believe as we become better people, we create a better world. Like Jesus says, “We must love the least of these.” Our mission is to unveil this truth and to generate a reason to believe once again in the purpose of life and to rise to our moral obligation to take care of humanity, the hurting, the broken and to fight for this world of ours.

The foundation itself came into fruition when we, the founders Mariana and Solomiya Parkhotyuk discovered the reality of human sex trafficking after watching the movie, “Taken.” We were unbelievably appalled at the injustice that has secretly been taking place in our society. These people were not willingly submitting their crowns to the facade presented by society, but their crowns were literally being stolen from them, without a choice.

We were called to action after doing some research, becoming aware that our own city was sandwiched between two of the most prominent import/export cities for sex trafficking in the nation. Human sex trafficking was the spark that lit the fire in our hearts to reach our world with the message of hope and restoration.

We are motivated by this burning desire to call humanity to action, empowering them to use their voice and break the silence. To speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, and to restore the crown of life and love back to those from whom it’s been stolen.                                                                                         Our vision is ever-increasing as we want to branch out and help shed light on the social injustices of the world, locally and globally so that everyone can have a chance at freedom, and be restored to their former glory.

Throughout the year we plan and put together different events, to bring awareness to the cause and educate minds on the social injustice because one of the many things we now see is human sex trafficking thrives because many do not know it exists and it plays out under the radar. Our mission is to bring it to light and educate every ear that will listen on the truth of this hideous crime. Coupled with bringing awareness we aim to raise funds to help assist local and global organizations to further their mission on the ground working with these women, men and children that are involved in this world of injustice. The organizations we partner with either work hand in hand with local law enforcements to rescue these victims out of sex slavery and into homes where they can be fed, cloth, receive mental, physical and emotional help, healing and restoration.  As well as organizations that work on the prevention aspect that are building mother homes where they are able take mothers and their children off the streets and out of poverty stricken situations that prove time and time again to lead to sex slavery and place them in a living space that is safe and secure.

In 2014 we put on our first 5K event in Richland, WA, bringing in a large crowd and raising funds for Genesis Project in Seattle, WA; in light of our great success we repeated the 5K event last year in the fall of 2016. At the moment our vision is set on the injustice of human sex trafficking, as we continue to fight we believe the future will bring us to raise our voices for many different causes and fight many different battles as a foundation and as women that believe and love humanity we are ready and willing to raise our voices and fight this fight and all that are to come. This is only the beginning of what God has placed on our hearts but we are ready and wiling and excited for what’s to come!

*The Stolen Crown Foundation is registered as a non-profit charitable organization exempt from Federal Income Tax as an organization described in Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to The Stolen Crown Foundation in the United States are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law and are for the use in supporting this non-profit charitable organization.



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