Human Sex Trafficking: The Numbers

Human trafficking; the action or practice of illegally transportation of people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation.

• Every 30 seconds a new victim is added into the horrific world of human sex trafficking.
• Bringing the total now to 27 million victims in our world today.
• Of the 27 million human trafficking victims 83% are being sex trafficked
• 80% of those are women
• and 50% are children
• Children as young as six years old.
• An average age of a victim is 12 years old yet go as young as 5-6 years old.
• An average victim will be forced to sleep with up to 40 many night.
• The average price of a sex slave is $90 but they are estimated to bring in a profit of $250,000 a year.

Now lets make this personal, for those that believe that this is a third world problem but doesn’t touch home.

• There’s an estimated of 17,500 victims reported in the US annually.
• California harboring the top three cities in the US for sex trafficking and Seattle – in our own back yard is in the top 20 cities for human sex trafficking in the United States.
• Now even closer in Tri-Cities alone, human sex trafficking is on the rise,, in 2014 we had 6 sex trafficking cases report.
• In 2015, it quadrupled to 23.

This injustice touches us, it touches home.

• Tragically out of the 27 million victims 30,000 will die each year.
• Out of the 27 million only 1 to 2% will ever be rescued.
• And the living will endure emotional, mental, physical and sexual abuse, drug abuse and countless abortions.

This isn’t about guilting you into giving, sponsoring or attending’ this is about reminding you of your obligation not as a good person but your obligation as a human being living in our world today, your obligation to stand and to fight, to raise your voice for those that have been silenced, captive and broken. The fight for those being abused and those being violated. This isn’t about race or gender, this is about your obligation to humanity. your obligation to fight for freedom because like Dr. King said, “injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere.”

What you can do:

• First of all EDUCATE yourself, we can’t fight a problem, we don’t know exists. Awareness is vital!
Know the signs: bruises, new clothing, on edge, all of a sudden sexualized behavior, new older friends, missing class, absent from normal daily activities, new attitude.
• Educate teens about privacy on social media.
• Call your local law enforcement if you are see, hear or know anything or even if you’re suspicious. All tips help. or call the national human trafficking resource hotline. 1 (888) 373-7888
• Attend and give into events, fundraisers and organizations, support those that have committed their time and efforts to be hand on and on the ground fighting this injustice.